Survivor Pool

Do you have what it takes to run the gauntlet…… take on the Watsessing 50-50 Survivor Pool.  1 time Mulligan issued through week 5 so there’s still time to get in , then after that its every man or woman for themselves.  For more information feel free to contact us

Current Survivors

John Wilson 2-0

Marcus Jones 2-0

Rosey 2-0

Geri Golecki 2-0

Kim Beese 2-0

Todd Kutcher 2-0



Dave Chiroka 1-1

Robert Fernandez 1-1

Rob Beese Jr. 1-1

James DeBenedetto 1-1

Justin McClary 1-1

John Meys 1-1



Marie Moore

Anthony’s Cheesecake


Team picks so far:

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