WHSA November Meeting Summary

WHSA meeting notes Nov 7, 2016

Remember to VOTE tomorrow!

Thank you everyone that came out tonight! Here’s a quick outline of what we discussed:

Shane Berger of the BOE spoke briefly, Dan Anderson of the BOE also spoke. They announced the Board Of Ed meeting this Wed on the Energy saving programs. Dan explained the graduation requirements (as it relates to the PARCC requirement for graduation from high school). Legislation is being reviewed at the state level to determine if the PARCC graduation requirement is legal. Current BOE is against requirement of PARCC for graduation requirements. Legislators seem to be responding accordingly
The Principals report & teachers report covered:

  • Student teacher conferences are coming up, parents should be receiving reminders/scheduling requests from teachers this week.
  • Parent portal – trying to increase sign-ons.Please contact Mrs. Krick if you haven’t signed up yet.
  • Bengal pride for the 4th graders is being modified since the report card has changes away from the number grades.
  • BOE approved the Rutgers Cooperative Water resource program for the rain water cistern & water garden project – it’s connected to the Wildcat Garden in the breezeway.
  • Dead limbs over the hopscotch grid on the playground blacktop will be trimmed Nov 10
  • Benches installed by the wildcat garden! Yay!
  • Outside lights scheduled for installation next year – but parents are concerned with the darkness outside, and are pushing for this to happen sooner
  • Teachers have agreed to teach the buddy bench program! The WHSA will order it!
  • Let’s go Lego, Homework club & bi-lingual clubs have all started up during the school day.
  • Congratulations to 4th grader Julian Mullett – who won honorable mention for the Columbus day essay!
  • 5th grade Fire prevention winners 1st: Dannyca Laylo, 2nd Danica Gayatinea 3rd – Kiani Johnson, 4th place – Gregory Harrity Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations to Metin Akcay – his1st Season with the Shakespear Theatre (Richard Duke of York)!!
  • PARCC scores were sent home & Dr. Rosamilia provided 2 printed articles – regarding this topic,
  • Standards based report card for 4th grade – NAME – N- not meeting standards, Approachign standards, Meeting standards, Exceeding standards. Rubrics are being reviewed by teachers at professional development day tomorrow. K-5th grade.
  • Next WHSA home & school is Dec 5th – Dr Rosamilia will spend a half hour to explain & discuss the new report cards.

WHSA Events & Fundraisers

  • Spelling bee – we need volunteers!
  • Mobile planetarium – parents would like this program again, we need to inquire if the older grades can have a customized/slightly modified. Teachers suggested possibly alternating for grades.
  • Account balance $7,009.02 – not including the outstanding balance due to the spirit wear company and a few other expenses related to the fish fry & pizza party class dues winner events.
  • Spirit Wear – should be ready in another 2 weeks.
  • Yankee candles should be coming in very soon, dates to be posted.
  • Holday-tique – craft boutique? Interested parties can attend the next meeting regarding the potential for this event – a crafting event to compliment or replace the traditional holiday boutique. Or, to have a holiday crafting activity on the weekend. There were a number of interested parents. There will be a committee meeting to further discuss the plausiblity of this event and the best way to pursue it. Anyone interested can reply to this email or contact watsessinghomeandschool@gmail.com
  • Pizza 1/2 day fundraisers will be the 18th and the 23rd. We need Volunteers! We also want to have an additional parent handle the running of this event.
  • Trunk or treat event was discussed with the concern of to much candy be given to the students, and the fact that there were quite a few volunteers that backed out last minute, leaving the WHSA scrambling to recruit new volunteers. Parents were in support of the trunk or treat event, and suggested that a list of non-candy options be amended to the request for bags of candy. Also, to incentivize the Trunk or Treat – and have the kids vote on their favorite trunk-or-treat vehicle, giving the winner a gift card to a local business.


  • There will be a mandatory parents meeting to discuss rules & expectations
  • Coaches will be requesting students attend practices starting next week. Flyers will be sent home soon with details.
  • Will continue fundraising for uniforms & end of season activities – event TBD. The 50/50 from the Fish fry netted $114
  • Possibly hold a Pep Rally January 6th –  something to draw the kids, and the parents… during school or outside of the school? Details to be discussed.

We also briefly touched on the need to have individuals take ownership of various events and activities.

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