“Snow Day” Writing Contest Winners Announced!

The winner’s for our “Snow Day” writing contest were announced on Friday, May 2nd, at the school’s Pep Rally and were presented with a $5 Scholastic book voucher.  The Grand Prize winner received a pair of movie tickets.

We had so much fun reading the stories and many laughs.  On behalf of the WHSA we’d like to thank all of the participants for sharing their snow inspired stories with us.   Each student who submitted a story will receive a prize.

The winner’s by class are as follows.

Grade 1: Miss Stewart’s class –  Madison Contento (Grand Prize 2 movie tickets)
Grade 1: Mrs. Altieri’s class – Mia Gonzalez
Grade 4: Mrs. Nazzaretto’s class – Gabriel Correa
Grade 5: Ms.Kehoe –  Sharv Dave
Grade 6: Mrs. Smith –  Samuel Oquendo
Grade 6: Ms. Giordano – Jonathan Rivera


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